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Shining a light on good practice tells the real stories of children, young people, families and their work with FACS child protection practitioners.

These are stories of strength, partnership and perseverance that rarely get shared with a wider audience.

Shining a light gives these stories a platform to be shared and celebrated. For families they are a source of pride and a testament to others that lives can change. For practitioners, they are a place to model and praise the best of their work – which is tenacious, skilled and compassionate.

Each video demonstrates one of the principles from the NSW Practice Framework. Culture is ever-present; Language impacts on practice; Critique leads to improved practice and Ethics and values are integral to good practice. At their heart, all of the videos demonstrate the principle of Relationships create change and restore dignity.

Thank you to the families who chose to share their stories so that others
can take courage from their experiences and child protection practitioners can learn from them.

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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019