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Adam and Jodie’s story

FACS caseworker Jodie believes that all children have a right to live with their parents if it is possible, so set about supporting Adam to have his two sons returned to his care. Jodie used the principle of ethics and values are integral to good practice to make sure these boys found their way home.

"I believe all kids should be given the opportunity to live with their parents if possible." Jodie, FACS caseworker.

"The only thing that really kept me going was I couldn’t bear to live my life without my boys in it." Adam, father.

"It is important for us to see the parent through the child’s eyes and part of that is being really empathetic and taking the time to get to know the parent." Jodie, FACS caseworker.

"I had a lot of anxiety meeting with FACS…Jodi manage to see clearly through all of this anxiety." Adam father.

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Last updated: 08 Nov 2019