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Sarah and Laura-Lee’s story

Be inspired by FACS caseworker Laura-Lee as she uses her experiences as an Aboriginal woman, and her practice skills, to support Sarah and her family to heal through the principle of Culture is ever-present.

"People have been taking and taking from the Aboriginal community for generations, and a part of what I like to do within my practice is to give a little back." Laura-Lee, FACS caseworker.

"The first thing that made me connect with Laura Lee was that she treated me as though I was a person." Sarah, mother.

"I think it's about FACS workers taking the time to actually get to know the family to see what the family's real needs are and what their strengths are." Sarah mother.

"The best caseworkers I know understand that we don't retain power. We must give that power back to our families so that they can then make the changes that they need to." Laura-Lee, FACS caseworker.


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Last updated: 08 Nov 2019